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tv   11 News Today  NBC  November 18, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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partly cloudy skies right now. 40 degrees at the airport with a light west wind at 5 miles per hour per it would have a 30% chance for rain shower of this afternoon. it will be cooler than yesterday. we come back and we will check the forecast for the upcoming weekend. >> good morning. if you things to get to as you travel in the city. we have a vehicle fire. we are also tracking this problem at north point miller's island. some fire department activity to watch for court in parkton, bunker hill road, some downed wires. b.g.e. crews are on the scene. other minutes on the outer loop north the side. same thing on the west side. here's a quick live look outside. 95 at 175 through howard county, north and southbound it
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looks good. this is putting hill avenue -- putty hill avenue and so far so good. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> here we are less than 24 hours later and many homeowners are picking up the pieces from yesterday morning's damaging storms. >> wish to get word today if it was a tornado that touched down in baltimore county. neighbors say they know what they heard. jennifer franciotti is live with more. good morning. >> that storm damage well over 100 homes. last point, many families spent the night at this makeshift shelter. a lot of folks hoping to get back into the dutch village community today. that storm came through wednesday and brought with it 80-mile per hour winds and damaged more than 100 homes and
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causing just a few non life- threatening injuries. daylight revealed the widespread damage after ruth's work ripped off and power lines were left scattered all over the ground. officials are calling it a miracle that nobody was killed the cleanup started almost immediately. picking up the debris patrick b.g.e. working overnight to restore power to residents. officials were planning to work overnight to get some of those folks back in by today. >> our intentions are to get this site ready in the morning so people can return to their homes. so we're in the process -- we'll continue to clean up debris. we're going to be boarding up assessments. and then hopefully by sunrise, all the individuals who have been evacuated from this neighborhood will be able to return in stages. >> dutch village is under curfew
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until 7:00 a.m. this morning so workers can continue to get in and clean up debris. the area is lit up like the fourth of july. we saw some street lights on in that community. that is a good sign for today. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> measuring the human toll. billy to under 50 people were left without a place to live -- nearly 250 people were left without a place to live. the red cross provided assistance for people who were displaced. >> there are costs next to one another. i don't think people will get a good night's sleep. >> a curfew has been imposed in the area of the dutch village townhomes community until 7:00 a.m. this morning.
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>> the city is reaching out through a disaster relief fund. the fund has been established for the hundreds of storm victims. the management company has kicked in the first $10,000 for the relief fund. you can contribute to the relief fund care of harbor bank, 25 west fayette street in baltimore, maryland. >> we will not the only people feeling the effects of yesterday's storm. this is the scene in richmond, virginia, were strong winds ripped apart homes and took down trees and power lines. power still remains out for many homes in that area. no report of any serious injuries. we have extensive coverage of online ad here displaced residents -- hear
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displaced residents speak about losing their home. we have a gadget you may want to invest in so you never get caught off guard from a similar start in assault at our website, >> school teachers have a brand new contract. the vote last night by the union came down in favor of a three- year agreement. a controversial teacher in a dilution system. tim tooten explains. >> city schoolteachers made their way to the polls all day long, 11 hours straight, to vote for a second time of what the union and school officials have been calling a landmark contract. the results were announced where 65% who voted cast ballots in
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favor of the contract. >> our teachers have shown the country how much they love their profession and their students and have voted in favor of our contract. >> the real work is just beginning. here are some of the terms. city teachers will get to earn achievement units. in its allow educators to get something like a credit for in and out of school activities. it opens the door for city teachers to advance their careers with four new professional models or more way to earn extra pay. teacher evaluations is controversial. that won't come until educators can hammer out a fair system. many say they're sure they have the most to gain to rocks i think is good for young teachers who are motivated and helping us move up faster.
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>> the same can now be said for veteran teachers. expectold educators can extirpate in their checks before christmas. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police are investigating a suspicious death in north baltimore occurred a body was found just before 5:00 p.m. on clover hill road. no word on the cause of the man's death. detectors are handling the case of. >> police are trying to track down a suspect who beat and robbed a woman in towson last weekend. the victim was walking with a friend when a man with a gun struck her with the weapon several times in the head and took her purse. the male is in its early 20's and weighs 150 pounds. anyone with information should call metro crime stoppers. >> a frederick county man will
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spend time behind bars in a botched suicide attempt. he was sentenced to 30 years with all but eight suspended after setting fire to his room. the fire destroyed the building and displaced 28 other people and damaged an adjacent peaks a shot. >> the spirit of giving is expected to hold steady this season. the level of charitable giving is expected to stay at the same rate as last year. 62% of builders say they will match last year's level. 70% of ready to give up another holiday expenses as travel, parties, and gifts. many people are setting spending priorities. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. will you be giving more, less or the same amount to charities this holiday season? e-mail your response to again, that is
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>> 44 degrees on tv hill. coming up, the morning's financial news in the bloomberg business report. >> the new leadership team is put in place as the house changes hands. the looks like there will be some familiar faces. we will explain. >> the dramatic rescue of a little girl captured on camera. we will show you how would all unfolds. >> things are pretty quiet right now. we do have a little bit of rain in the forecast. >> one more accident to add to the list. hanover street. we'll updat
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>> welcome back. it will be a beautiful sunrise in just a few minutes. 45 degrees downtown at the maryland science center. temperatures in the low 40's. no weather problems expected on your way to work or school this morning. there is a system producing rain around cincinnati and into kentucky and tennessee. it is moving to the east. clouds will thicken up later this morning. there is a 30% chance we could see some rain showers make it over the ridge tops into maryland. most of the activity will stay south of us. high pressure is blocking this from coming in. most of it will pass off to our south. it was dragging a quick shot of almost arctic air. tempters behind this system are
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in the teens and 20's. -- temperatures behind the system are in the teens and 20's. it is gone too warm up quickly on saturday and sunday. upper 30's and low 40's right now occurred 40 degrees at the airport. 40 in jarrettsville and 43 in rock hall. say hello. you are on camera. you're handing me a piece of paper. we have a school delays. anytime you're on camera, you're supposed to wave to all of your fans. i fooled her because i stepped off camera so you could read the forecast. a mix of sun and clouds. high temperature between 50 and 55 today. overnight tonight, clearing skies. temperatures will drop back into the 30's. the seven-day forecast stacks up like this. it will be chilly on friday with high temperatures around 50. it will drop into the 20's on saturday morning. upper 50's in the afternoon on
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saturday. we will hit 60 on sunday. a fairly decent weekend. the busiest travel time of the year, we'll see some rain with highs in the upper 50's to around 60. here is somebody who is supposed to be on camera. >> she is part of the morning show. we love her. let's check your morning commute. there are a few problems to get to. there is an accident on hanover street. use extra caution. miller's island, fire department activity. in parkton, bunker hill road at york road, some downed wires being cleared by b.g.e. crews. no sign of any significant delays on 95. this move right on the j.f.x. into town. eastbound 70 in source the beltway is smooth at this time. this is 95 at 175 north and
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southbound for more volume in the southbound direction through howard county. the northeast side of the beltway, check not very well at this hour. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> thank you. the names are the same but their titles will be different when the next congress convenes. house democrats will be in the minority. the st. rankings will be held the majority. the republicans have elected john boehner to speaker of the house elevating him from house minority leader. it appears history is being made in alaska as lisa murkowski becomes the first candidate to win on it right in that ballot. she declared victory after the final votes for hand counted 16 days after voters went to the polls. joe miller has yet to can see this race.
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a dramatic scene in argentina as a girl who was trapped 100 feet down a well was pulled up to safety. the girl fell into an unprotected irrigation well. kermis set up showed her trapped at the bottom. she was lifted up to saved -- cameras set up showed her trapped at the bottom. despite being at the bottom of the well, she was not seriously injured. thank goodness. >> how scary with that be? another retail chain store jumps on the free shipping bandwagon. best buy plans to offer free on- line shipping on some items through december 21. the store plans to ship cd's and movies and gaming software and the meat accessories. ipads and major appliances are not included.
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this fall's a similar announcement by walmart earlier this month. -- this follows a similar announcement made by walmart earlier this month. turning your mobile phone into a virtual wallet. users will be able to wave their phone in front of a scanner to pay for goods and services. right now the future is not in all phones. they need a special chip included in them or have one added. the phones are expected to have that feature included. one retailer is matching retailers in the free shipping arena. investors are anticipating gm's return to wall street. jane king has more. >> it is a big day for a general motors. the automaker, backed as a publicly traded company. it will trade under the ticker of gm. tim geithner said the
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government bailout has helped save jobs and give the auto industry is solid foundation on which to build. i quite come back stories for them as they are practically on life support last year. the bloomberg maryland index got a boost by jos. a. banks. we had a mixed day for stocks. positive sentiment coming from target. the credit-card unit boasted the third-quarter target. target said it will offer pre- thanksgiving sale to help people beat the frantic black friday crowds. justin timberlake's clothing line has been added. best buy is joint target and amazon on the free shipping bandwagon. it will offer free shipping on thousands of items until december 21. that is business. i'm jane king fort wbal-tv 11 news. >> imagine if you could attack
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your store burned fat without an invasive procedure. >> many women and men have problem areas on their bodies -- lower abdomen, the love handles, back fat. but they don't want to do anything invasive to get rid of it. mother of three jennifer olassey knows the problem. >> with the pouch or pooch, whatever it's called, that sticks out right here, the mommy pooch. i would like to see that reduced in size. >> so jennifer is trying an fda-approved product which chills your fat away in a process that does not enter the skin. it takes about an hour. other than that, there is no discomfort. does it work? and how soon? the details on chilling your fat away in a special medical alert tonight at 11:00 p.m. donna hamilton, wbal-tv 11 news. >> very interesting. >> like yesterday, city schools
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will be closed because of no power. staff should report to the lake clifton campus. >> 44 degrees on tv hill. another check on weather and traffic straight ahead. >> the ravens hope for a morale boost when the travel to charlotte this weekend to take on the panthers. an easy win or a potential -- keith mills takes a potential looks. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. will you be giving more, less or the same amount to charities this holiday season? e-mail your response to >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. hope you have them.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning to you. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. in less -- a much nicer ride this morning. we do have some problems. northbound 95 at the fort mchenry, there is a disabled vehicle in the right tube. is a city in the accident. trackings and fired support activity in sparrows point and miller's islands road. in parkton, bunker hill road
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under the harrisburg expressway, some downed wires. b.g.e. crews are on the scene appeared with a slowdown on the west side of the. that is around liberty. let's look outside. coming in from the fort mchenry tells, no problems to report southbound, if that is what we're looking at. problem-free wide on the north side. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> we're off to a quiet start on this thursday. we have clear to parlay cloudy skies right now. let's look at some of the numbers. 39 in hagerstown. 40 at the airport. 46 at the maryland science center occurred in the district of sunshine and clouds that. 30% chance for rain shower this afternoon. most of the will of a dry day. first we send it over to the man. here is keith mills. >> thank you, tony.
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good morning. we begin with complete game. we're not talking nine innings from brian matusz. at is the challenge from john harbaugh. put it all together for four quarters. the ravens are hoping the offense shows up in the first quarter. great passer from joe flacco to anquan boldin. on paper, you would think the 1- 8 path is not present much of a challenge to the ravens. the ravens cannot afford to take anyone lightly. >> the matter what in the nfl, you have to play a good team each week. i don't care how many games they won. you had to be ready for their best. we don't pay attention to their record. we're paying attention to was trying to get their seventh win and to improve ourselves the " game time on sunday is 1:00 p.m. pam shriver load the current
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honor 25-year-old tennis event. the crowd turned out to say thanks for a great quarter- century of memories and all of her wonderful fund-raising efforts -- $4 million worth. hall of famer billie jean king, chris evert, martina navratilova. i asked about the robert on the court and the friendship they developed off the court to correct we either were going to kill each other or be friends. living in locker rooms. i like to talk about martina at the end of the week. we were -- we would stare at each other and would have to play finals. pam was there any doubles final. we'll have been very -- we are all have each other's back and we will be there forever for each other. >> at one point, billie jean,
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pam, martina, and chris stood side by side. frank deford colleted a wild moment, and it was. >> there were great because no question. >> thank you. >> 44 degrees on tv hill. much more to come this point in the next half-hour of 11 news today. >> 250 take evanish of shelters overnight after a storm moved through northeast baltimore. details are next. >> voters continue to make good on the government bailout. the stocks sell today. >> tracking a few problems on the roads. we'll give you up to date on your morning commute. >> hitting into the busiest travel time of the year. travel time of the year. we'll check the forecast
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you for joining us this morning. tony pann has a quick look at
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today's forecast. >> good morning. it should be smooth sailing for robotic heading to work or school this morning. temperatures are in the 40's right now. a mixture of sunshine and clouds. 30% chance for a rain shower this afternoon. not a big deal. high temperature between 50 and 55. seven-day forecast coming up and five minutes. >> we're still awaiting official word on what it was that destroyed hundreds of homes and apartments in the northeast part of the city. >> it certainly left a lot of damage in its wake. jennifer franciotti is live and northeast baltimore with more on the story. good morning. the folks will tell you can look like a tornado and it felt like a tornado. many of them spent the night here at the shelter in northeast baltimore.
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whatever it was, it hit real per hour. but it wasn't until daylight that neighbors in northeast baltimore saw the destruction the wind left in its wake. roofs ripped off of homes. everywhere. >> the fact there is nobody dead are there's not serious, serious injuries is just a miracle. >> the cleanup started almost immediately, breaking up trees to move them out of the roadway. picking up debris. and b.g.e. working to get power restored. residents were evacuated out of damaged apartment complexes. wednesday night. >> i am going to a hotel because i have no place to go with my four children. >> the city also set up shelters for displaced residents. they are hoping there won't be a need for them on thursday night. clarissa douglass hopes her family is one that will be allowed to return thursday, but her heart goes out to the others who won't be so lucky. >> there's a list of all the people that will not be coming back over here.
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on the list. so hopefully tomorrow, so i can, you know, get back to work. >> a lot of kids need to get back to school. web dubois school is closed again to separate staffs should report to the clifton campus. porting live, jennifer franciotti. >> thank you. police have arrested two young boys for allegedly stealing exotic animals from carrie murray nature center. the mother of the boys called police to say they have the missing animals. in neighbors said they saw the kids carrying cages into their home. the owls are now back at the nature center. >> the slips are full as most of the oyster boats are staying tied to their docks.
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assure staying protesting a recent drop in worcester process --oyster prices. many women cannot explain this drop because demand usually rises around the holiday. the strike is trying to raise prices. >> general motors goes public. kate amara explains what this means to taxpayers who spent billions of dollars bailing out the auto giant. biggest ipo's in history. if you're an american taxpayer, you own a stake in general starts paying you back. gm, nearly wiped out when the economy crashed, then bailed out by the obama administration to the tune of $50 billion, is finally ready to get out from under government control when it
6:34 am
begins selling stock to the public today. [bell rings] at $33 a share, the ipo is billion. about $13 billion will go to the u.s. treasury, which has held a 61% stake in the automaker since last july's federal rescue plan. in a statement, president obama said gm's ipo marks a major milestone in the turnaround of not just an iconic company but the entire american auto industry, continuing the government's disciplined commitment to exit this american taxpayer. even a successful ipo means less than half of the $50 billion american taxpayers invested will be recouped. in washington, i am kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> not to back out there for your morning commute. a few problems to keep your eye
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on. we started hanover street. watch for an accident. there is a problem in parkton, a bunker hill road, some downed wires. everything looking good on the major roadways. normal delays starting to fall into place. 27 at miles per hour on the outer loop west side down toward the british. 47 miles per hour approaching the 895 split. 48 on the west side. 14 minutes to get for that outer loop west side strasburg of bis on the northeast outer loop. this is a live view. so far so good. this is southbound traffic. we had a northbound disabled vehicle that is now clear. this is the pace of things down to liberty. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> good morning.
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things are pretty quiet this morning, unlike yesterday. no problems under way to work or school this morning. current temperatures in the low to mid 40's in most locales per 46 in annapolis. 42 at the airport and 39 in frederick curd a mixture of sunshine and a few clouds bird we have a 30% chance for a shower this afternoon. kind of chilly tomorrow. high temperature will struggle to get out of the 40's. we will drop into the 40's saturday morning. backlick to 60 this weekend. -- back up to 60 this weekend. maybe some rain showers on tuesday with temperatures near 60. thanksgiving is only seven days away. >> thank you. it is 44 degrees on tv hill. chances are this does not come standard with a model of car.
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we have more on what that surprise is doing under the hood of a car. >> we are still taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. will you be giving more, less or the same amount to charities this holiday season? e-mail your response to
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(sfx: coach's whistle) the car coach. >> in case your car repair shop hasn't noticed - there's been a shift. sfx: shifting. more women than men are making the decision as to where to get the car fixed. sfx: shifting what's the percentage? the answer in a moment.
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(sfx: coach's whistle) "the car coach". >> if you had to see one film this season, it would be this one. phil! go ahead. personally... i give it four stars. back in a moment. >> there are a lot of reasons why a car might not be running well. chances are, this is not your typical case. this is an indiana jones moment. he hated it three people were working under the hood of a car.
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there were nudges fixing a fan belt. the work uncoiling a 10 foot- long boa constrictor from the engine block. two people walking by the court saw the snake and called animal control. it was not easy to get it out. it took about 40 minutes to get it out. it is not clear how it got there in the first place. >> it wasn't a snake but a large cow that was turning heads on an alabama road on tuesday. he went through a neighborhood and went window shopping three local shopping center. i guess they fault him around with a camera crew the cavalry corps arrived from a local stockyard. they had to battle with the cattle to getting into a trailer. it took some convincing. >> 44 degrees on tv hill. coming up, the look of the morning's headlines. >> no livestock issues to report
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on the roads. we have a few problems. >> things are pretty quiet in the weather department 3 we do have some rain in the seven-day forecast. here's a look outside. beautiful sunrise in progress.
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ñoçpççç >> welcome back. after convene a second vote, baltimore teachers have voted to accept a new contract offer. lastly, 83-year agreement was approved which calls for a 4.5% raise. will have more , later today on 11 news at 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. police are investigating a suspicious death in north baltimore. an unidentified body was found
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on clover hill road. no word on a preliminary cause of the debt. homicide detectives are handling the case. a new survey finds the level of charitable giving it is expected to stay at the same rate as last year. sister 2% will match last year's totals. 10% say they will give more. 70% are ready to give up another holiday expenses such as travel and parties so they can't continue to give to charity. >> that brings us to your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- will you be giving more, less or the same amount to charities this holiday season? congratulations.
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>> i think it does. we will post more of your answers on the front page of >> you may be accustomed to checking the expiration dates. there is something parents use everyday the carries an expiration date -- child safety seats. a car seat can save a child's life. did you note expires overtimed? >> i did not know that. >> i did not know that. >> i did not know either. i have two kids in a car seats.
6:46 am
as my kids outgrew the car seats, i would give them away. an infant car seat cannot be used after six years. an old one should not be used after six to eight years to correct first of all, car seat components can be exposed to environmental issues such as food, drink, debris, and it can degrade the components. >> the coordinator of maryland kids and safety seats showed me where to check for my car seats expiration date. >> your seat will say do not use after december 2013. >> other seats may have a label, like this one. >> i am giving away old car seats. that is not a good thing. >> the actual plastic can deteriorate over time, depending on how it is stored.
6:47 am
>> there are improvements to safety standards that can improve the product. a car seat from years ago is not as safe as a car seat today. >> we have donated hours. >> stephanie will not be donating her daughter's car seats anymore. if you cannot find the expiration or manufactured date on the car seat, it should be on the instruction manual that came with the product. or you can contact the manufacturer. you can remove the straps and recycle the plastic parts. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> if you are getting in your car, the major roads are still looking good. there are still some delays and some actions to watch for. we start in carroll county. this is the latest crash coming into us. hanover street, another scene.
6:48 am
in the parkton region, bunker hill road, some downed wires being cleared. b.g.e. crews are on the scene. down towards edmundson, southbound 95 backing up from approaching owings mills down towards the beltway. some slow spots and on southbound 95 approaching the beltway. this is a problem on northbound 95 k and ave. there is a disabled truck in the right center lane. utility trucks are on the scene. we're doing quite well on the west side. delays forming but nothing out of the ordinary. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> no weather problems expected this morning on your way to work or school. it with the system is producing some light rain around cincinnati and down throughout kentucky and tennessee. as it moves east down, the
6:49 am
clouds will thicken up as we head through this morning and into this afternoon. most of the energy will miss us to the south. we have a 3% chance of rain, but most of you will have a dry day -- we have a 30% chance of some rain. it makes for a beautiful sunrise at the present time. this storm will drag in some cold air. temperatures are in the 20's across the northern plains. that air will come into maryland by the weekend. temperatures will drop into the 20's on saturday morning. we are in the upper 30's and low 40's. 40 at the airport. 46 downtown. 39 degrees in parkton. a mixture of sunshine and clouds today. 30% chance for a rain shower this afternoon. most of you will have a dry day. high temperatures between 50 and 55. sunrise happening in just a few moments.
6:50 am
overnight tonight, the skies will clear as the storm cuts off the coast. sunset the scene is at 4:50. a big period of high pressure will move in. some chilly air will move in. we will struggle to get out of the 40's even with full sunshine but we did into the 20's on saturday morning. it looks like a pretty decent weekend coming up. a high temperature of 49 or 50. we make it back into the upper 50's saturday afternoon. we will hit 60 on sunday. not too bad. we turned the corner on thanksgiving week. we have the possibility of some rain showers on tuesday and wednesday. the could be some snow in the great lakes, chicago, detroit. here, it will be light rain showers tuesday and wednesday. thanksgiving is only seven days away. >> thank you.
6:51 am
the cleanup continues as a residence in northeast baltimore sift through the wreckage of the storm. jennifer franciotti joins us live from northeast baltimore with more. good morning. >> more than 250 people took the vantage of this shelter that was set up in a school in northeast baltimore, not for from one that possible tornado hit. it happened overnight and took off roofs and downing trees and power lines. the dutch college apartment complex was used as a the debris field with cars that were smashed and pieces of lumber that look like spears thrown into the sides of buildings. 359 apartment units were damaged. 16 of those buildings have been condemned. a special relief fund for the victims has been set up. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. look out, here comes the fashion-ator.
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they are america's worst dressed couples. don't miss the makeover makeover -- makeover magic today at 4:00 p.m. on "oprah." here's matt lauer with a look at what's coming up next on the "today" show. >> lisa murkowski joins us for a live interview. the new photo that is fueling speculation. we're live from the small town in wales that the couple calls home. the most downloaded band uses and abuses us for the latest viral video. all that when we get started right here on the "today" show. >> is 44 degrees on tv hill. >> we will come back and check the weather and traffic together before you head out to start your day. when my husband got sick and couldn't work anymore,
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it was up to me to support our family. [ male announcer ] karri danner went back to school, to become a nurse. my education made all the difference... [ male announcer ] but now some in washington want regulations
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restricting access to career colleges and universities, denying opportunity to millions of people like karri, letting government decide who can go to college. it's my education, and my job, it should be my choice. [ male announcer ] don't let washington get in the way.
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>> we need some relief after yesterday. >> many folks in parkville and northeast baltimore, -- looking much better after cleanup continues. 31 at medford road, there is an accident. there is an accident in the city, a disabled truck at 395 and conway. in parkton, bunker hill road, we were dealing with some downed wires. we are in pretty good shape as far as drive times. 14 on the northeast outer loop as delays developed there. this is a live picture outside in a couple of spots produces 95 that caton avenue appeared to was a disabled truck but that is now clear. delays are dissipating. >> that storm did not last long yesterday. >> it does not matter whether you classify it as a tornado. microburst is a difficult
6:57 am
process to try to decipher what it was. it is important for the record. is a rare event either way in maryland. with a microburst, you can't have -- you can have with just over one under miles per hour. it is a lot quieter this morning. we expect a little bit of rain this afternoon. most of the will of a dry day with a high near 53. close to 50 tomorrow. dip into the 20's on saturday morning. we could see some rain around here may be tuesday or wednesday. tune to am 1090 to hear traffic and weather together on the fives. you guys have some school delays. >> web dubois is closed because they don't have any power. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will be back with a live update at 7:25. >> have a great day.
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>> follow breaking news and weather any time at, and stay connected with us on facebook and twitter.
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